BSDM (Kushal Yuva Program) has SDC's established by small and medium Information technology (IT) entrepreneurs and educational enterprises spread across India including metropolitan, urban, semi-urban, rural, tribal and hilly regions. This has emerged as the single largest network of Information technology (IT) Learning Centres in India.

Centers details for the financial year :  Center Code : KYP02010027

Organization's Information

Center Code KYP02010027
Name of the Center Baheri-BSDC
Date of Establishment
Authorization For

Contact Details

No Information availabe
Address Block Campus - Baheri
City Suburb

Infrastructure Resources

l. General Infrastructure Resources
1. Class Room Details
Details Name Photos
CLASSROOM Class Room 1 1 2

2. Computer Lab Details
Details Name Photos
COMPUTER LAB Computer Lab 1 1 2 3

3. Premises Details
No Information available

Center Premises Video

Computing Facilities available in the SDC

1. Hardware
No Information available

2. Internet Set Up Details
Internate Type

3. IT Peripherals Available

4. Power Backup
Power BackUp Type

Human Resources in this SDC

1) Center coordinator,Counselor
Name Avinash kumar singh Unable to load image.
2) Center owner/Competent Authority
Name anil yadav Unable to load image.
3) System administrator
Name Priyanka Kumari Unable to load image.
4) Learner Facilitator
Name Bhagwat Kumar Unable to load image.
5) Learner Facilitator
Name Raman kumar Sahni Unable to load image.
6) Learner Facilitator
Name Priyanka Kumari Unable to load image.

No Information available
7) Learner Facilitator
Name KUMARI SABNAM Unable to load image.